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Hot Sauce Depot is proud to be your one-stop source for everything hot (food wise, that is).  We offer a large selection of sauces, salsas, dry rubs and spices, specialty foods, and snacks, all at extremely competitive prices and possibly the lowest qualifying value for free shipping on the web.  All items are shipped directly from our own warehouse, and are not drop-shipped by suppliers.  This gives us the ability to pack and ship your orders quickly, with most orders shipping the same business day.


But, just who the heck are we?


Hot Sauce Depot originated as a sideline of another business due to the passion / obsession of the owner to hot sauces.  Of course, having a premier hot sauce producer in the warehouse next door and being their guinea pig had nothing at all to do with it.  This 'sideline' very quickly went awry (which is not unusual for the owner), and what started as a single line of sauces quickly grew to more than 30 brands, with a range of sauces numbering well into the hundreds.  Today, Hot Sauce Depot has elbowed out its share of warehouse space, and demands equal attention.


One thing is certain- our focus is 100% on our customer.  This includes our customer service (which receives regular praise by customers), and concern over the privacy and security of your information.


We sincerely appreciate the opportunity to serve you!



Rick and the entire HSD gang



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Hot Sauce Depot

#190, 5970 Park Vista Circle

Fort Worth, TX 76244



817-337-4129 fax

Order pickup available.  Please allow 24 hours for us to pack your order.