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Hot Sauce Depot's Clearance section offers a great savings on top brand name products that are either discontinued or were a special purchase / clearance from the manufacturer. We do not sell past dated product, so everything you find in our clearance section is truly an exceptional deal.
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$5.95 Price: $3.95
A thick, sweet sauce bursting with flavor.
$6.29 Price: $4.99
Heat freaks (purists) (maniacs) (lunatics) toss your wings and drumsticks (fried, BBQ’ed, baked) into straight 357 Wing Sauce volcanic - Call 911!
$4.99 Price: $3.79
A wonderfully smooth blend of just the right seasonings and fresh veggies.
$4.99 Price: $3.79
This one is definitely a sneaky dawg.
$4.99 Price: $3.79
A chunky salsa with the sweetness of the pineapple as it hits your tongue followed by an unforgettable rich smoky goodness.
$5.95 Price: $3.95
The same award winning base recipe as our hotter versions.
$9.95 Price: $7.49
A medium heat wing sauce with great taste. 3rd Place in the 2008 Fiery Food Challenge.
3rd Place in the 2008 Fiery Food Challenge.
$4.95 Price: $3.50
Chunky salsa loaded with fresh onions, garlic, cilantro, lots of whiskey, red and green peppercorns and our famous habanero peppers.
$2.49 Price: $1.75
The blends of various spices and fresh ginger in Marie Sharp's Green Mango Chutney bring out a unique tropical flavor.
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$2.49 Price: $1.00
Made from the Green Habanero Pepper with blends of unique flavor and aroma highly seasoned and spicy.
BBE March 2014
$3.95 Price: $2.49
Made from high fruit content and morsels that surpass its competitors in the market.