357 Mad Dog Silver Collector's Edition, 5oz

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Contains Pepper Extract:

Extremely Hot Heat LevelIf the 600,000 SHU of Mad Dog's first Collector's Edition wasn't enough for you, here comes 357 Mad Dog Silver Collector's Edition Hot Sauce with its 750,000 Scoville Heat Units of pure pain. Made with a 6 million SHU chile extract, this extremely hot sauce features a Habanero and Cayenne pepper flavor with notes of garlic and onion. Unscrew the accompanying bullet keychain to reveal a tasting spoon and brace yourself for the burn.

This hot sauce can be dangerous if used improperly. It is your responsibility to use 357 Mad Dog Silver Collector's Edition Hot Sauce responsibily and AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Heat Rating: Extremely Hot

Estimated Scoville Unit Rating: 750,000 SHU

Ingredients:  Distilled Vinegar, Chile Extract, evaporated cane juice, fresh habanero peppers, garlic, onion, 160,000 scoville cayenne pepper, spices and xanthan gum.


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  • 5
    Tongue Destroyer

    Posted by Tyler on Mar 22nd 2017

    Ok, I placed a 1/4 teaspoon glob on a piece of tortilla, said a prayer and ate it. It is a surprisingly sweet and tasty sauce with great aromatics. That sweetness is soon overpowered by a wall of heat will make every orifice on your face leak. It's been 23 mins since I ingested that drop of unholy lava and my stomach is already plotting it's revenge. It's so hot that it's more of a novelty item than anything else. I will save this liquid fire for when I need a wake up call, an endorphin rush, or something to scare off Lucifer. Great taste, great heat, terrible laxative.

  • 5

    Posted by Spencer on Sep 4th 2010

    If you want something that will give you a kick then you came to the right sauce. Its a little sweet at first but don't let that fool you because what's coming next is just plain out heat. I'm a fan of very hot things and like to test my tolerance. This is way hotter than Dave's Insanity, Dave's Ultimate Insanity, Blair's Ultra Sauce, Irazu Red Savina and Naga Jolokia. Be cautious when you use this and let people know that it is something that everybody shouldn't try. I advice if you have heart problems to not try this or asthma. Have fun with this sauce but use wisely!