Anand Bhatt Extreme Ghost Pepper Sauce, 5oz

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Ghost (Naga or Bhut Jolokia)
Contains Pepper Extract:

Don't say that he didn't warn you! Anand Bhatt's Extreme Ghost Pepper sauce uses a maximum percentage of Jolokia peppers (ghost pepper) in this sauce to give you the maximum flavor anywhere. But that comes at a price - you probably can't handle it....Or can you?

Heat Rating- Extremely Hot


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    Anand Bhatt Extreme Ghost Pepper Sauce, 5oz

    Posted by Logan Epperson on Nov 2nd 2018

    Full of flavor, with a manageable heat

  • 4
    Good and tasty one

    Posted by Sergei on Oct 12th 2012

    This Souce is not very hot but very tasty. I ate whole bottle of it in 2 weeks with chicken and some, some beer.... Will order again...

  • 5
    Definitely recommended

    Posted by andrews on Jan 14th 2011

    This is a great product and a great gift for those who love to make food. I gave my friend as a Christmas gift and he loves it. So far we have only tried cayenne pepper - a little bit 'hotter than other Cayenne I've had, but is an excellent flavor. Definitely recommended!

  • 5
    Love this

    Posted by Kantio on Jan 14th 2011

    This Extreme Ghost Pepper Sauce is great! We love looking at the choices and deciding which heat and flavor will best go with our meal. We've had this sauce quite a while now and the spices are holding up well and are still tasty.

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    Private Reserve hot sauce

    Posted by Haien on Jan 14th 2011

    This extreme Anand Bhatt Ghost Pepper Sauce is the best. A single dot of these things, enough for the end of toothpick and will be enough to make you sweat lover. Great for heat lovers like me. It's not funny, do not let your friends with heart disease or respiratory problems. try this Private Reserve hot sauce. I'm serious. Only the strongest heat-seekers and stomachs of iron should taste it. Are you a heat lover? please try it right now, otherwise, I should say, you are missing something.

  • 5
    I will love to use it again and again.

    Posted by Austin Kiser on Jan 12th 2011

    Anand Bhatt Extreme Ghost Pepper Sauce has a great taste ... just what I was looking for. While other companies are based on the names cute and scare tactics to sell sauces, Ghost Anand Bhatt pepper sauce just to prove his color, balance of ingredients and flavors. I would say that Anand Bhatt ghost pepper sauce is the stuff of legend. Overall I was impressed by the sauce for its deliciousness. For a sauce with minimal ingredients, Anand Bhatt's Extreme Ghost Pepper sauce has a surprisingly good flavor with taste. I will love to use it again and again.