Anand Bhatt Rockin' Red Savina Pepper Sauce, 5oz

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Red Savina
Contains Pepper Extract:

Not satisfied with the already potent Red Savina pepper, Anand Bhatt pushes the limits with his Rockin' Red Savina by adding a touch of Naga Jolokia pepper to inch that heat meter slightly higher while maintaining extreme flavor. If you love HOT sauces that heavily favor flavor without any chile extracts, this is the one for you!

Heat Rating- Very Hot


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  • 5
    delicious and super hot!

    Posted by Garrett on Mar 10th 2011

    Some of the sauces on here are certainly in the wrong category such as Cajohn's killer jalapeno. Anyway, this one definitely belongs with the hotest of sauces. Very good savory flavor and best of all tastes very natural. This is a great all purpouse sauce but you will only need a few drops.

  • 5
    Hot with good flavour

    Posted by andrews on Jan 14th 2011

    We expected a little more heat Savina hot sauce. We are much more accustomed to hot peppers.Finally we found this one and I really love it. It has a pleasant taste. If you have a high tolerance to heat this sauce is for you. If you like pleasant flavor it would be an excellent choice.

  • 5
    best hot sauce

    Posted by Kantio on Jan 14th 2011

    This is the obviously hot with a lot of flavor. A bottle usually lasts me a year. If your looking for a sauce that is very hot but has some sweetness and is not overwhelmed with the smokey ashtray taste that many Habanero sauces have. This is the best tasting and most versatile HOT sauce that I have found. I use it in everything from tacos to tomato soup.

  • 5

    Posted by Haien on Jan 14th 2011

    This Anand Bhatt Rockin' Red Savina Pepper Sauce is great! We love looking at the choices and deciding which heat and flavor will best go with our meal. We've had this Red Savina Pepper Sauce quite a while now and the spices are holding up well and are still tasty. Thanks Anand Bhatt for this wonderful and tasty Red Savina Pepper Sauce.

  • 5
    Thank you

    Posted by Austin Kiser on Jan 13th 2011

    It's obviously hot with great flavor. A bottle usually lasts me long. If you want a sauce that is hot, but a little sweeter (and is not overwhelmed by the smoky flavor of habanero sauces ashtray that many do.) It's best tasting, most versatile red hot sauce that I found. I use it on everything from tacos tomato soup. Thank you Anand Bhatt for your Rockin' Red Savina Pepper Sauce. I will recommend everybody to test it at least for a single time.