15 Gateway Hot Sauces That Will Get You Hooked: Part 4

15 Gateway Hot Sauces That Will Get You Hooked: Part 4

Posted by Mary P on May 29th 2015

Here’s the final installment of the Gateway Hot Sauces blog series. I had to do a fair amount of research on this type because it’s not my favorite flavor, so it took me a little longer to write this one. But the good thing about working at a hot sauce place is that I have access to a lot of different hot sauce fans! :D So I took into consideration their feedback as well as what sells the best here to round out this list.

If you love Buffalo wings, then you will probably also love classic-style hot sauces. These are the ones that get their heat from the peppers and that extra bit of zing and zest from the vinegar. It’s tingle meets tangy: Peppers and vinegar come together for a match made in flavor heaven. These are the everyday sauces that you can add to pizza, eggs, fries, burgers, hash browns, etc. When someone says, “I put hot sauce on everything,” this is most likely the style of sauce they’re talking about.

If You Like Vinegar and Tangy Flavors, Slightly Bittersweet, Try A Traditional/Classic Hot Sauce

Here are some options you should try that aren’t overly hot but should give you the tangy flavor you appreciate:

13. Marie Sharp’s Mild Habanero Pepper Sauce (Mild)
You don’t hear as much about this sauce as you do about Marie Sharp’s Hot or her Fiery Hot, but that’s because this is a mild sauce. You’ll notice that the ingredients are the same as in the hot version, except this one contains less habanero pepper. After you get more used to heat, you’ll be able to graduate to Marie Sharp’s Hot as your everyday sauce, which was our top-selling sauce last year overall. After that, you might even want to bump it up to the Fiery Hot, which is also super popular.

14. Cholula Hot Sauce (Medium)
This sauce comes up on a lot of “Best Hot Sauce” lists because it really is just a good, solid, classic hot sauce flavor with just enough heat to be enjoyed every day. Again, not the hottest sauce here, but first-timers will still notice the heat until you get used to it. It uses piquin and arbol peppers, which are red peppers that are hotter than jalapenos. There’s something about this sauce that just makes it an incredible flavor-enhancer that blends well with pretty much anything.

15. Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Sauce (Medium)
Made from red jalapeno peppers, this popular sauce is actually quite mild by seasoned chili-head standards, but some people are just all about it. The peppers, garlic, and vinegar come together in a way that you just want to try on everything—if you haven’t already tried it. Keep in mind that although the sauce is tasty and mild enough for newbies, it’s also kind of overused these days, but that’s just my opinion! It still makes this list because it’s already been (and continues to be!) a gateway hot sauce for many, many people.

So that wraps up the 4-part series on introductory hot sauces! I hope you enjoyed it. If I left anything out, by all means let me know, either on Facebook or Twitter.