Add Kick To Your Eggs With Hot Sauce

Add Kick To Your Eggs With Hot Sauce

Posted by Rick M on Mar 23rd 2010

Surprised to see a spicy new condiment alongside the ketchup and mustard at your favorite diner? Hot sauces have officially entered the mainstream and they’re here to stay--even with breakfast.

Some people need more than just coffee to wake up in the morning, and they get that extra kick from hot sauce! Pour it on eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, waffles or veggie sausage to keep your taste buds on their toes and your mouth watering.

Hesitant at the idea of pairing hot sauce with breakfast? Just give it a try before you judge. You may not assume it'll taste good, but you might wind up hooked! Soon enough, the ketchup is pushed aside, and your eggs or fried potatoes will never be the same again.

But don’t stop there. These spicy sauces are also delicious on hot wings (of course!), pasta, chips, snacks, sandwiches and just about any other carbohydrate you can think of. Try them also on veggies for a spicy twist to the otherwise boring greens. You simply can’t have a good Bloody Mary without the right kind of spicy sauce.

Your food can be bland, unseasoned, and taste just "alright," but who wants mediocre? Don’t deprive yourself: Use your favorite spicy sauce to create foods that taste amazing and appeal to your taste buds. Start sampling a variety of sauces to find the one that was made just for you.