Frequently Asked Questions About Private Label Hot Sauce

Frequently Asked Questions About Private Label Hot Sauce

Posted by Mary P on Jul 14th 2016

Believe it or not, “Private Label” doesn’t mean the same thing as “Special Edition” or “Private Reserve.” Private Label Sauces are simply our house recipe sauces that we can put your own personalized label on. It’s a great idea for a variety of purposes, from restaurants that want to have their own brand of sauce on the table to a “spicy” bride and groom who want to give unique and personalized wedding favors. Here’s some of the questions I'm often asked about our private label sauces.

What flavors do you have?

We have private label hot sauce, wing sauce, BBQ sauce, and spicy ketchup and mustard. You can check out our full selection of private label sauces here, but we offer a wide range of heat levels from no heat/mild all the way up to extremely hot.

Is there a minimum order quantity?

We only sell private label sauces by the case, which is 12 bottles. So you would have to order at least 12 and also in multiples of 12 because we can’t break up cases.

Do you have wholesale pricing for private label hot sauce?

Yes, we certainly do. To get wholesale pricing, you need to apply for a wholesale account here. Once approved, you’ll see all wholesale pricing when you log into our website. Most wholesale applications are reviewed and approved within one business day if eligible.

What are the price breaks?

We have volume discounts at 5 cases (60 bottles), 8 cases (96 bottles), and 12 cases (144 bottles) for sauces of the same style. If you order at least 5 cases of one style, you receive an additional 10% off; if you order at least 8 cases of one style, you get 15% off; and if you order at least 12 cases of one style, you get 20% off.

Will you send me just the plain bottle so I can put the label on myself?

Unfortunately, no. Due to FDA regulations, we can only sell private label sauces that are clearly labeled with the ingredients and nutrition information on the bottle. The FDA even has regulations on the labels themselves, from the minimum font size of the nutrition info to the placement of the product’s fluid ounces information.

Will you make a sauce from my recipe?

This is a possibility, but there are minimum order requirements, and a longer lead time. Contact us for more information.

Can you make a hot sauce label from my logo or artwork?

Yes, we can make a label for you for hot sauce, wing sauce, BBQ sauce—any of our private label sauces. Just like our customers, every project is unique, but generally if we just need to place it on the label for you without actually designing anything ourselves, we’ll set you up with your first label at no cost. We’ll keep the label on file for you so that the next time you order, just write the name of your personal sauce in the “Text For Label” field so we know which one to use. That’s all!

Will you send me the label template so I can design it myself?

Yes, we have templates in both Adobe Illustrator (.ai) and Photoshop (.psd) format. Just specify which sauce you need it for because the hot sauce label sizes are different from the BBQ sauce and wing sauce label sizes.

Can you design my label for me?

Yes, our graphic design services run $50/hr, and most designs take between ½ hr - 1 hr total to create.

Can I change something on my label from the last time I ordered?

Yes, but there is a $20 label change fee to make any adjustments to existing label designs. This is just to cover the time and labor it takes to make the change, reformat the file so that it is compatible with our commercial printing software, re-layout the label design to fit the pages, etc.

Can I name the sauce whatever I want?

You can pretty much name the sauce what you want—as long as it’s not infringing on any copyrights of current sauces. For example, even if your name is Dave, you can’t name your private label sauce “Dave’s Insanity Sauce.” You’re also welcome to call it pepper sauce, hot sauce, chili sauce, etc.—just because we call it “crushed pepper sauce” doesn’t mean you have to!

Does it have to say “Distributed by Hot Sauce Depot” on the label?

No, we can include your organization’s name and address. Note that the address must be a complete street address and not a PO Box. We can also include a phone number and website if you’d like, but neither of those are required. Alternately, we can use Hot Sauce Depot’s address if you would prefer.

I’m ready to order my own private label sauce! What do I do?

1. First, go to our Private Label page to select the sauces you want and place your order.
2. Then contact us to let us know that you need to have a new private label created. Be sure to include your order number in the email. If we don’t hear from you, we will contact you using the phone number or email address that you provided with your order.
3. Once we’ve established contact, you’ll either send us your artwork or we’ll give you a time estimate for custom graphic design. (We will add the graphic design fee to the total after you approve your label proof.)
4. We will email you your label proof, which includes the nutrition information and ingredients panel.
5. You let us know if any changes need to be made, and we’ll adjust it until you approve the label.
6. Once approved, we start printing and labeling the bottles! The printing and labeling process can take anywhere from 1-4 business days, depending on printing volume we are experiencing at that time.