How Hot Sauce Can Improve Mental Health

How Hot Sauce Can Improve Mental Health

Posted by Rick M on Apr 14th 2014

Do you ever feel a natural high after doing a certain activity, like running? Your body is releasing endorphins, which have an almost opiate-like effect on the body. In other words, you feel really good.

Interestingly, endorphins, which are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus, aren’t just a result of exercise. You get them from other things, including—get this—hot sauce!

Because hot sauce is, well, hot, when it’s in your mouth, your body senses that heat and releases endorphins to serve as an analgesic, preventing nerve cells from releasing more pain signals, and thus convincing your mind, body and mouth that you’re okay. It’s like your mouth is telling your brain, “It’s not a major fire, but activate the endorphins so we can get this heat under control.”

Peppers, which are an important part of any decent hot sauce, have stuff in them (called capsaicin) that trigger nerve receptors in your mouth—these nerves sense when things are really hot or really cold.

Obviously hot sauce triggers the heat receptors, which then tell the brain, and you feel temporary pain. However, the brain is like a sprinkler-system in a burning building. It releases those amazing endorphins which quell the pain and make you feel good; perhaps even bring a smile to your face. No wonder hot sauces are so popular on foods—they have the power to bring pleasure to people!

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