Marie Sharp’s Grapefruit Habanero Sauce Review: For Heat's Sake

Marie Sharp’s Grapefruit Habanero Sauce Review: For Heat's Sake

Posted by Mary P on Sep 29th 2015

Welcome to the next stage on the journey to pepper bliss. I say this because all of the sauces that I have had from Marie Sharp have to be considered a step toward the pepper Garden of Eden. I have found that hot sauces from this company are just so good and well balanced that you don’t always realize how hot the peppers involved are.

The Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Pepper sauce is an excellent example of this. There are very few ingredients – grapefruit pulp, yellow habanero pepper, white vinegar, onion, salt, lime juice and garlic. Yet they are so well balanced that the peppers are front and center but not overwhelming in either heat or flavor. The grapefruit pulp is visibly present and makes this a sauce that will not run all over the place when you put it on any food, so there will not be any sauce left on the plate. Not that I would leave any hot sauce on the plate. Simply put, this hot sauce from Marie Sharp is simply a delicious sauce.

You can enjoy this sauce straight from the bottle but I can’t say that I would recommend it. But I would suggest using the following recipe instead.

BET (bacon, egg, tomato) open-face sandwich

- Two slices of bread
- Two eggs
- Six slices of bacon
- 1 tomato sliced
- Kraft Miracle Whip
- Marie Sharp’s Grapefruit Pulp Habanero Pepper Sauce

1. Cook the bacon in your preferred method, I usually use center cut and put it in the oven at 420 for 15 minutes.
2. Toast the bread in a toaster. While the bread is toasting, cook the eggs to over easy. You want the yolk to run onto the plate when you start to eat this. Put some of the Marie Sharp’s on the eggs after you turn them.
3. Put a thin layer of Kraft Miracle Whip on the toast. Place the bacon on the sandwich. Place a slice or two of tomato on top of the bacon. Put the over easy eggs on top of the tomato slices. Add more Marie Sharp’s to taste.
4. Enjoy with a knife and fork.