Off to Costa Rica for More Product Development

Off to Costa Rica for More Product Development

Posted by Rick M on Jul 5th 2010

Well, it was that time again- time to head off to Costa Rica to complete the development of some new sauces. Somehow, telling people that you have to go to Costa Rica to do some work just doesn't get you any sympathy! That could also be because they know that it is maybe (just maybe) not entirely about developing new sauces, and there may be at least a little bit of play time, as well. But you know what they say- all work and no play...

Costa Rican Volcano

The first couple of days were completely about product development. Fortunately, we knew what we wanted. Unfortunately, we knew what we wanted. Knowing just what you want for a final result is very helpful, as you know more or less how to get started. The down side it that it makes for a lot of fine tuning and many revisions. This can be time consuming, but we feel that the results were well worth the added effort.

We are truly excited about all of the new sauces that we developed on our trip, and look forward to introducing them very soon. While we cannot give up too much information on the sauces, the new Irazu sauce is likely the most exciting. This new crushed pepper hot sauce is going to be the most extreme on the planet, using the largest possible amount of Naga Jolokia pepper and absolutely no pepper extract we have developed the hottest, yet most flavorful sauce possible. This sauce will not leave you looking for more heat, and is sure to blow you away with flavor! More information on this and our other new sauces will be available shortly.