Review: Bee Sting Honey n' Habanero Pepper Sauce

Review: Bee Sting Honey n' Habanero Pepper Sauce

Posted by Rick M on May 9th 2010

Producer: Iguana

Price: 5oz: ~$3.50

Ingredients: Corn syrup, water, honey, carrots, corn vinegar, sugar, corn starch, habanero peppers, onion, lemon juice, cayenne peppers, salt, garlic and black pepper, with .1% sodium benzoate & ascorbic acid (vitamin C) as preservatives

Appearance: Amber, jelly consistency

Aroma: Sweet, with a background of habanero and hint of honey

Taste: The front of this sauce has little real flavor, and is more of a light, sweet honey character. The habanero lends little to no flavor, and only a very slight heat that does not build to offer any burn.

Heat: Very mild, topping out at a 1-2.

Conclusion/General Comments: Bee Sting Honey n Habanero may have its place as a glaze or for grilling a food such as fish, but is not a sauce that offers a wide list of uses.

Overall Rating
Heat: 1-2   Flavor: 2