Review: Irazu Ghost Pepper Extreme 70

Review: Irazu Ghost Pepper Extreme 70

Posted by Rick M on Nov 10th 2010

I was fearing this sauce. Having worked on the development in Costa Rica back in June the memories are still a little bit too fresh...but not fresh enough for a good review. So, here we go.... 

Producer: Irazu Volcanic Pepper Sauce 

Price: 5oz: ~$8.95 

Ingredients: Naga Jolokia Peppers, Water, Salt, Vegetable Oil, Garlic Pulp, Acetic Acid

Appearance: Thick and pulpy, deep red

Aroma: A pleasant but strong pepper aroma with a hint of garlic

Taste: This is fire in a bottle. It has a very strong pepper flavor with only a background of garlic and vinegar, but the flavor is quickly overtaken by extreme heat. The sauce has a very thick, pulpy consistency. The heat ramps up and stays with you for a while.

Heat: Hot (10+).

Conclusion/General Comments: Irazu Volcanic Ghost Pepper Extreme 70 is the first flavorful sauce that we have ever had with anywhere near this level of heat, and by far the hottest non-extract sauce we have ever tasted (and hotter than several extract sauces). If you eat enough you will have a warming feeling, although you may have to start fearing the following day. ;-) The 70% Naga Jolokia is quite obvious, and while the sauce is most definitely edible, it is only for devout and seasoned chiliheads. Given the level of pepper in this sauce, the simple ingredients, and the good flavor of the Jolokia pepper, this probably is the real epitome of hot sauce.

Overall Rating
Heat: 10+   Flavor: 9