Review: Jump Up and Kiss Me Passion Fruit

Review: Jump Up and Kiss Me Passion Fruit

Posted by Rick M on Apr 9th 2010

Producer: Dave’s Gourmet

Price: 5oz: ~$4.49

Ingredients: Passion fruit juice, fresh pineapple, sugar, cane vinegar, honey, habanero peppers, onions, acetic acid, spices, xanthan gum

Appearance: Orange/Tan, smooth, medium thickness

Aroma: Sweet, slightly fruity, with pepper background

Taste: Right out of the gate you taste the sweet fruit flavors, with only a slight heat from the habanero peppers.  The flavor dies out very quickly, leaving a very mild heat lingering for under a minute.

Heat: This is a mild sauce, in only the 2 range.

Conclusion/General Comments: Jump Up and Kiss Me Passion Fruit is a good starter sauce for those afraid of the heat in hot sauces, and would accompany fish or chicken well.  It would not be well suited to hearty foods.

Overall Rating
Heat: 2   Flavor: 4