Review: Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Habanero Pepper Sauce

Review: Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Habanero Pepper Sauce

Posted by Rick M on Jan 6th 2010

Producer: Marie Sharp's Fine Foods

Price: 5oz: ~$2.95

Ingredients: Select Yellow Habanero Peppers, Grapefruit Pulp, Onions, Key Lime Juice, Vinegar, Garlic and Salt

Appearance: Soft yellow, pulpy

Aroma: A very pleasant citrus mix from the grapefruit and key lime juice.

Taste: Very strong on fruit, this sauce is quite different from anything else that I have tasted. There is very little habanero character due to the strong grapefruit flavor, which is backed by the lime juice. As the fruit flavor disappears you find the habanero lurking behind. This sauce tastes very much as it smells, and is extremely pleasant, while not being very hot. The heat that it has dissipates quickly, so if someone with a low heat tolerance decides to give it a try they will find the pain short lived.

Heat: On a 1-10 scale, Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Habanero is only in the 5-6 range at best.

Conclusion/General Comments: While not running near the heat range of some habanero based sauces, the unique flavor of Marie Sharp's Grapefruit Habenero Pepper Sauce make it a definite winner. This is not a sauce that will go with every food, but would be especially suited to fish or chicken, or even on your favorite veggies.

Overall Rating
Heat: 5-6   Flavor: 9