Review: Pure Cayenne

Review: Pure Cayenne

Posted by Rick M on Apr 30th 2011

Producer: Southwest Specialty Foods

Price: 5oz: ~$7.95

Ingredients: Cayenne Pepper, Salt and Vinegar

Appearance: Thick, deep orange-red color

Aroma: Strong cayenne pepper smell with slight hint of vinegar in the back

Taste: Despite the ingredient list and aroma, the vinegar and salt are the first to jump out, followed by a very nice punch of cayenne. Obviously, being strictly a cayenne sauce the heat is quite tame, but for a change from habanero sauces, this would be an excellent choice. It would go extremely well on eggs or fish! Pure Cayenne hot sauce would also go very well in a cooking application where a mild bump in heat is desired, as the flavor should flow through quite nicely.

Heat: Medium (6).

Conclusion/General Comments: Pure Cayenne Hot Sauce is a great entry into hot sauces, as it is mild compared to most habanero based sauces, and has a wide range of applications due to being unadulterated. This should be a staple in every cupboard.

Overall Rating
Heat: 6   Flavor: 8