Review: Zakk Wylde’s Original Berserker Sauce

Review: Zakk Wylde’s Original Berserker Sauce

Posted by Rick M on Mar 6th 2010

Producer: Blair's

Price: 5oz: ~$5.50

Ingredients: Red Habaneros, Vinegar, Cayenne Chilies, Chipotle, Fresh Garlic, Key Lime Juice, Cilantro, Fresh Herbs & Spices

Appearance: Reddish-brown, thick, slighly pulpy

Aroma: Garlic with vinegar

Taste: Garlic is the overwhelming character in this sauce, almost completely drowning out the character of the habaneros. Although Red Habanero and Vinegar are the first two ingredients, this sauce is not very hot, nor is it as vinegary as would be expected. This would make a good sauce for grilled chicken, but is not hearty enough for red meat.

Heat: This is a relatively mild sauce, in a 3/10 range. The bit of heat that this sauce produces drops back to under 1/10 very quickly.

Conclusion/General Comments: This is a good sauce for garlic lovers, but if you do not care for garlic then this sauce has little to offer you. For those who like garlic, this is a good mild sauce.

Overall Rating
Heat: 3   Flavor: 5