Reviewers Wanted!

Reviewers Wanted!

Posted by Rick M on Apr 19th 2010

Do you love hot sauce? Can you put it into words? Then we want you to help us in reviewing hot sauces! Sure we love to review sauces, but we do not always have the time to do so, so we need your help. When we get new sauces, or just want your opinion on a new hot sauce, salsa, BBQ sauce, or other spicy product, we will send it to you to sample and write a review on. Not only is it a lot of fun, but you also get free sauces! What more could any chilihead ask for?

What are the requirements? Well, you are reviewing hot sauces and spicy foods, so you need to be able to handle heat, or at least let us know your limits, so that we do not send you something that is too hot for you. First we will want you to sample the sauce on its own, just so that you can give everyone a reasonable idea of what to expect from the sauce.  But after that, have a ball! You can add it to a prepared food to spice it up, cook with it, you name it. Just try to get a good picture to add along with your review.

Will you only be reviewing hot sauce? No While most of what we send will be hot sauces, we may also send you BBQ sauce, salsa, wing sauce, or almost anything else spicy.

Only a limited number of reviewers are being accepted for official reviews, but don't let that stop you from submitting.

How do you apply to be a reviewer? Contact us to let us know you're interested, and we'll go from there!