Tahiti Joe's: Spicy Spotlight

Tahiti Joe's: Spicy Spotlight

Posted by Mary P on Mar 5th 2015

I'm pleased to let you know that we now carry the entire line of sauces from both Tahiti Joe’s and Maui Pepper. Coincidentally, today (March 5, 2015) marks Tahiti Joe’s 19th year on the market, so it seems only fitting to feature this interview with Tahiti Joe himself, Joe Turner, the man behind Tahiti Joe’s, Maui Pepper, and Wild and Crazy hot sauces.

The History of Tahiti Joe's

Joe started making sauce for his own enjoyment back in the 1980s. Joe is a big Browns fan and part of a Browns club where he lives, so he would get to watch the game with 100 or more fans. He would always bring his sauce or simmered wings cooked in his sauce to the club. Well, a certain fan got ahold of it and thought it was the best he ever had and proceeded to bug Joe for 2 years to put it out on the market. Eventually, Joe caved in and decided to start producing Tahiti Joe's sauce. That was 19 years ago today.

Another one of Joe's brands is Maui Pepper. That one started when a married couple suggested that Joe should try doing something with mangoes, so they shared some ideas and a brand new line of sauce came about. Joe also recognized consumers’ desire for sauces with a bit more of a sense of humor, so he started the Wild and Crazy line. The Wild and Crazy sauces are the same high-quality sauces as his other two brands but with a twist, such as Wet Fart with Poo, and sales were really taking off. He said that customers were surprised because the Wet Fart sauce had such a funny label yet it’s actually a delicious hot sauce as well.

The Hot Sauces

Developing new flavor profiles and sauces comes naturally to Joe. “My mind doesn’t stop creating; I think of an idea and I go with it,” he said. “I have 20 more recipes to put out at any time!”

When I asked him if he has a personal favorite, he explained that it’s really based on what he’s eating and what mood he’s in at the time. “I am partial to my Original Polynesian and the hotter version Volcano Ahi X,” he admitted. “The Poly is my favorite on eggs and home fries.”

If you’re just getting into hot sauces and looking for a general hot sauce to start with, Joe also recommends the Polynesian. “All my sauces are about flavors first and heat second,” he noted. “But I do have sauce that can burn you and still have flavor for the true chilihead. I don’t do any extracts though. Don’t believe in them, and I think they are bad for you.” If you’re looking for some heavy heat, check out Tahiti Joe’s Uhan’e Akai XXXX Ghost Pepper. Hint: “Uhan’e Akai” rhymes with “Oh honey, I cried.”

All of Joe’s sauces are award-winning, all-purpose sauces that can be used in cooking and marinating just as readily as they can be used as condiments. It’s no fluke that his brands have been around for nearly 20 years—these are flavorful hot sauces in a variety of unique flavors from Tahiti Joe’s Ahi of Kahuna XX with Cheese to Maui Pepper’s Berry Mangolo (featuring mangoes and an assortment of berries including, blueberry, strawberry, marionberry, boysenberry, blackberry, and raspberry). Let us know which one is your favorite!