Top 10 Gifts For Chiliheads Under $25

Top 10 Gifts For Chiliheads Under $25

Posted by Mary P on Dec 4th 2014

It can be tough to pick out a gift for your favorite chilihead if you don’t know their personal taste preferences. Someone who loves sweet and flavorful hot sauces would probably never use a super spicy and vinegary sauce, and you may not even know the difference between them! But have no fear: I’ve found a ton of unique gift ideas that I think most chili fans would get a kick out of. The best part is that they’re all under $25.00, so at least one of these should fit your budget.

Hot Pepper Flash Drive

10. Chili Pepper Flash Drive

Price: $14 - $17
Where to get it: Brando
Practical and pretty adorable, this chili pepper-shaped flash drive comes in 2GB, 4GB, or 8GB. I’ve seen a few similar ones, but I like this one because it has a hole at the stem to fit on your keychain. If you like this idea but want to spend even less money, I also found this chili pepper shaped USB hub with 4 ports for only $4.69.

9. Chili Pepper Cookie Cutters

Price: $1.50
Where to get it: The Cookie Cutter Shop
If your hot sauce-loving friend is also a foodie in general, they might enjoy these cute chili pepper cookie cutters. I can imagine making peanut butter cookies with them using Ass Kickin’ Peanut Butter and then frosting them with red, yellow, and green frosting. Yum!

Red Chili Pepper Plant

8. Grow It! Chili Peppers

Price: $17.99
Where to get it:
Some chili fans like to grow their own peppers, and this is a great starter kit for those who’d like to give it a try. It comes with everything you need to get started, including 5 types of chili seeds: Tobasco, Demon Red, Hungarian Hot Wax, Jalapeno, and Anaheim. Again, this would be a starter kit for someone just starting to explore growing their own chilies—If your friend is already into that, then you’d be better off buying seeds from Pepper Joe’s.

7. Chili Pepper Pens

Price: $8.00
Where to get it: Oriental Trading
I thought these pens were pretty cute: another fun and functional (and cheap!) stocking stuffer. You get 6 of them in a pack, and they’d be great conversation pieces, especially for someone who works as a receptionist or in an office.

Hot Chili Flavored Toothpicks

6. Hot Chili Flavored Toothpicks

Price: $5.95
Where to get it: FlavoredToothpicks on Etsy
My husband uses toothpicks all the time, so when I found this, I thought of him immediately. The store looks interesting, boasting over 70 different toothpick flavors—including breastmilk flavor, which I wouldn’t try, but hey to each his own, I guess. Anyway, you get 60-70 natural chili-flavored wooden toothpicks in a sliding metal tin, and it’s a fun gift that you can’t buy just anywhere.

5. Sriracha2Go

Price: $7.00
Where to get it:
You’ve probably heard about this Sriracha-bottle keychain (Sriracha not included) for the hot sauce lover on the go. It seems like a good idea for those that like Sriracha in particular, but maybe not for a general hot sauce fan. I say this because the bottle is plastic (which makes sense—a glass keychain would NOT be a good idea). However, most hot sauces come in glass bottles due to oxidation through the plastic which can discolor and potentially affect the flavor of the sauce. Sriracha comes in plastic bottles anyway, so it’s probably not a big deal for that particular brand, but I’d be cautious giving this to someone who prefers something other than Sriracha.

Cherries infused with Ghost Chili, Scorpion Chili or Reaper Chile

4. Scary Cherries

Price: $8-$10
Where to get it:
Ah, maraschino cherries infused with different chilies, where have you been all my life? Scary Cherries pack enough flavor to satisfy both a serious sweet tooth and heat addiction, and you can choose from Ghost Chile, Scorpion Chile, Reaper Chile, or buy a 3-pack. Since their website just launched in November, it’s possible that your special chilihead hasn’t heard of this yet, so this would be a welcome surprise this holiday.

3. Hot Sauce! Book

Price: $14.95
Where to get it: Amazon
I love this book for the recipes that use hot sauce, but the real purpose of this book is to teach you how to make your own hot sauce. It includes 32 recipes for making your own signature sauces in addition to the other 60 recipes. If you know someone who would be interested in making their own sauce, this would be a great gift—especially if you pair it with a 12-pack of clear bottles so they have someplace to put their sauce once they make it.

2. Naughty N Nice Hot Sauce Pack

Price: $21.99
Where to get it:
Each hot sauce aficionado has their own taste preference. Just because your friend likes hot sauce doesn’t necessarily mean that he wants the hottest kind you can find. Many people enjoy sauces that are lighter on heat and heavier on flavor. However, if you’re not sure which kind to buy for someone as a gift, you can pick up a “Naughty N Nice” hot sauce pack, which includes 2 “naughty” sauces (read: HOT), 2 “nice” sauces (as in sweet and flavorful), and 1 in between. This is a great gift solution to buying for your favorite chilihead that takes the pressure off of YOU having to choose which sauces to give.

Sriracha Chocolate Candy

1. Sriracha Chocolate Snacks

Price: $6.95 - $24.95
Where to get them:
Any and all of these look awesome: Sriracha Dusted Dark Chocolate Dipped Potato Chips, Dark Chocolate & Sriracha Santa Claus, Sriracha Dusted Chocolate Mini Pretzels, Devil Whips Sriracha Licorice---okay maybe not the licorice, but that’s just me. There are 9 different goodies to choose from, so feel free to go and browse these while I wipe the drool up off of my keyboard here.

So there you have it! I hope this list helps make gift-giving a little easier for you this year. And here’s a bonus tip: If you’re buying a few items, you could even slip everything into a chili pepper-themed stocking as a finishing touch. Happy Holidays!