Top 10 Hot Sauces: For Heat's Sake

Top 10 Hot Sauces: For Heat's Sake

Posted by James T on Nov 3rd 2014

I was recently asked about my top ten favorite hot sauces. I looked in the pantry and the ones that were in there were actually more representative of the sauces I do not like. So after clearing out the dross, here are the sauces that I have been keeping in stock. I was not able to put them in a top to bottom order as I find that it depends on the application and my particular mood which I find best at the moment. So, in no particular order and with notes on why and flavor, my ten favorites.

1) McIlhenny’s Original Red Tabasco Sauce
This is probably the sauce that everyone starts with. There is a certain level of nostalgia associated but this is also a delicious sauce that can be used for any purpose. I use Tabasco on everything from fries to pizza.

2) McIlhenny’s Green Jalapeno Tabasco Sauce
This sauce is not as hot as the Original sauce but it has a fresh flavor that will perk up anything that it is put on. I find that it adds a fresh warm note to guacamole and tacos.

3) McIlhenny’s Chipotle Tabasco Sauce
This sauce has a distinct smoky note that enhances any food that might come from the grill or smoker. It is just the thing for the table when you are having barbeque and have some one that wants the familiar.

4) Mandy’s Mood Food Mild
This is a sweet sauce that is not particularly hot but it is excellent on any egg dish.

5) Cholula Hot Sauce
This is my current go to hot sauce – I use this sauce on anything and everything. I will use it in preference to Tabasco.

6) Cholula Chili Lime Hot Sauce
This is a recent addition that can be used in any application where the standard Cholula is an option. It adds a nice citrus note that can help cut the grease from any fried dish.

7) Jardine’s Sontava! Cactus Hot Sauce
This looks like it is a standard verde sauce but the green is from the presence of nopal cactus. Being a habanero pepper sauce, this is a warm sauce but there is a good level of salt so the heat is not going to make you run screaming. I would recommend this sauce for any time you are eating something that is on a tortilla.

8) Alimentos Tres G’s Zaaschila Salsa Guacamole & Serrano
This is a medium sauce that has a avocado flavor to it that is really nice with just the correct level of citrus and salt. This is a handy sauce to add to breakfast burritos or just sprinkling on chips in place of a dip.

9) Deli Direct’s Colon Blow
This was actually given to me as a joke based on the name of the sauce. The sauce is one of the hotter ones on this list. It is good for on burgers and hot dogs.

10) Sauce Crafter’s Rectal Rocket Fuel
This is another sauce that was given to me as a joke because of the name but this is worth a taste. This sauce is based on the traditional Jamaican Jerk seasoning so it has scotch bonnet peppers but they have added habeneros. This sauce is actually best used as an extra punch of heat and flavor to a marinade. Try it on pork or chicken.

I have not included sauces like Pace Picante or Huy Fong Foods Sriracha Sauce. This is because I use these as replacements for ketchup rather than as a hot sauce. I do find that I cannot use Sriracha on eggs because it seems to give them a slight fishy flavor.