Which Foods Go Well With Hot Sauce

Which Foods Go Well With Hot Sauce

Posted by Rick M on Mar 22nd 2010

Of course people use their favorite hot sauce with the usual suspects: BBQ, pizza, hot wings, etc, but there are a lot more options out there than just the obvious ones. That's why so many people with a taste for fire are willing to try different sauces on a variety of unique foods.

Mild hot sauces that feature garlic and onion add a slight kick to pasta dishes, complementing tomato-based sauces. Fruit-based sauces made with mango, pineapple, and peach make excellent and tangy salad dressings or even ice cream toppings. Don't be afraid to experiment and think outside of the box!

Hot sauce is also great to have on-hand for parties: Just leave it on your coffee table and put out bowls of different chips and snacks. To make your party even more unique and entertaining, put out an array of sauce choices. You can include mild, medium and extra hot to cater to everyone’s taste buds. Let your guests try different kinds of sauces made from different ingredients, or hold a competition to see who can handle the hottest hot sauce.

Nowadays at most restaurants, the waiter gives you a selection of sauces to choose from, from Tabasco to Sriracha. That's because these spicy sauces have become so popular that restaurants consider them a standard condiment right alongside ketchup and mustard.

If you're not sure which sauce is the right heat level for you, then do a little consumer research. Next time you're at a restaurant, start from the mildest sauce and work your way up. Sample each one until you either can’t handle the spice or you've found one you love. Then remember the name of that sauce and buy a bottle for yourself. Whenever you are at a restaurant and you see a sauce that you haven’t sampled yet, you should always give it a try. You may continue to keeping finding great-tasting sauces that give an extra kick to all your meals.