Why Spicy Food is Good for Your Health

Why Spicy Food is Good for Your Health

Posted by Rick M on May 21st 2014

If that spicy burrito with hot sauce titillates your palate, you are into health food and may not even know it. Hot and spicy is not only a great meal, but it’s also good for you. And if hot and spicy is not your thing, perhaps you should think about giving it a try. Contrary to the negative myths about it - that it can damage your digestive system - it can actually aid your digestion, among other things.

Studies have shown that spicy foods actually protect the stomach lining, and decrease the damage that anti-inflammatory painkillers can cause. Capsaicin, the thing in hot chillie peppers that is responsible for the burning sensation you feel when you eat them, can kill cancer cells in pancreatic and lung cancer, and not damage the surrounding healthy cells. This is why the people living in India and Mexico, who consume a spicy diet, have lesser incidents of some cancers.

Chillies have been shown to boost metabolism and can burn fat, which is very helpful for everyone, but especially for those who need to lose weight. They also decrease the need for insulin, which might suggest that they would be useful in the prevention of diabetes. Chili peppers also lower cholesterol, and help prevent peptic ulcers, by decreasing  gastric acid in the stomach.

Hot chilli peppers are very low in calories and so are a good way to add interesting flavor to your food. If you don’t like spicy food you can build up a tolerance for it by incrementally increasing the amounts of hot peppers that you use in cooking.

Hot chile peppers have wonderful benefits to your overall health, and need not be avoided by people concerned about their stomachs and digestive systems. They are tasty and good for you and you can’t beat that.