CaJohn's Black Mamba, 2oz

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Contains Pepper Extract:

Extremely Hot Heat LevelCaJohn's Black Mamba Extreme Hot Sauce only contains 3 ingredients: smoldering Chocolate Habanero peppers, vinegar, and pure pepper extract. This is for serious chileheads only due to the extreme heat of this venomous hot sauce. You can detect the slight fruitiness of the Chocolate Habanero before becoming overwhelmed by the fire.

Due to the heat level of this hot sauce, it's recommended to use it by the drop, just adding a bit to enhance chilli, sauces and marinades, Sloppy Joes, and the like. Beware the bite of the Black Mamba.

Heat Rating: Extremely Hot

Estimated Scoville Unit Rating: 2,500,000 SHU

Ingredients:  Chocolate Habaneros, Vinegar and Capsaicin 



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    Decent, but not as hot as I would expect for an extract

    Posted by James on May 5th 2010

    A nice feature about this extract sauce compared to many others I've tried is how smooth its consistency is. It pours out very easily. The flavor is quite unique, since it is simply habanero, vinegar, and extract. The habanero flavor is in the forefront, so the taste of the extract is not too distracting. It is slightly bitter, giving it a different flavor over some of the others. Even so, this stuff is just more of a heat sauce than flavor. For the price, I would look else where, but not bad.

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    Very hot while keeping a low chemical taste

    Posted by Justin on Nov 8th 2009

    I bought this sauce expected 2.5 million scovilles of pain. From stories I have read it sounded like unbearable heat from a single drop. While it IS very hot, it is not 2.5 million. It gives a nice habanero burn very quickly after eating, and the burn lingers for a good 20 minutes along with some sweat. With that aside, it is still a very nice tasting extract sauce. The taste is very simple. It is tart with the taste of peppers and vinegar. The vinegar is not too overpowering. The chemical taste is VERY mild. I personally hate keytone flavor, but this sauce is quite tasty plain. Easily the best tasting extract sauce I have tasted thus far. If you are looking for a very hot sauce, with little extract flavor, this would be a great buy. Although it fairly expensive and not drink a gallon of milk hot, it is still a perfect buy for anyone who wants the most heat possible while keeping a great taste.