Naughty Hot Sauce Pack

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  • CaJohn's Magma, 5oz
  • 357 Mad Dog Ghost Pepper Edition, 5oz
  • Irazu Volcanic Pepper Sauce- Ghost Pepper Extreme 70, 5oz
  • Heartbreaking Dawns Fervor: Reaper Chile Sauce, 5 oz

If your naughty chilihead is demanding more heat, then you should just give it to them—by presenting them with our NAUGHTY Gift Pack, of course! We’ve selected a sample made up of 5 of our top-selling, hottest sauces that are sure to make anyone sweat. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The NAUGHTY Gift Pack includes:

Dave's Insanity
Most spicy food fans are familiar with Dave's Insanity, the orginal "Hottest Hot Sauce" and only sauce ever banned from the National Fiery Food Show. While perhaps no longer the absolute hottest, it's still a classic for those who love painful heat.

CaJohn's Magma
There's more to this sauce than meets the eye. A full 1 million Scoville units float on top of the clear sauce until you turn the bottle over and watch the magma flow. Shake it up and watch it change from clear to red hot and prepare yourself for a healthy burn.

357 Mad Dog Ghost Pepper
One of our best-selling "hottest" hot sauces, this Mad Dog sauce is made with the famous Ghost Pepper, which is among the hottest chile peppers in the world. This sauce consistently receives rave reviews from our customers.

Irazu Ghost Pepper Extreme 70
The Naga Jolokia pepper is rated at 1 million Scoville units, and this sauce is so packed with natural Naga Jolokia peppers that you can see the chunks. This sauce contains NO extract but plenty of flavor and heat along with 70% Naga Jolokia pepper.

Heartbreaking Dawn's Fervor: Reaper Chile Sauce
Created with a bold combination of fresh Reaper Chiles, orange, strawberry, and spices, this is Heartbreaking Dawn's hottest 5oz. bottle to date. If your chilihead likes it HOT, then he or she will love this!

Please note that this pack does not come in any special packaging: It's simply an assortment of our hottest and most popular sauces to make the gift-buying process a little easier on you.