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Private Label Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce Depot offers excellent pricing on top-end private label hot sauce.  Having our own digital label printer we can offer extremely low minimum runs- starting at just 12 bottles- and customize your label to suit your needs.  Private label hot sauce is great for any special occasion or fund raiser.

Our private label hot sauce is excellent as wedding favors and gifts.

In addition to private label hot sauce we also offer private label wing sauce, BBQ sauce, salsa, and more.

While we offer some basic label designs, we are also happy to work directly with you to customize your label, and can even include photo's to fully personalize your private label hot sauce!  


To see what you can do with a custom label Click here.

(By ordering private label sauces your label designs may be displayed on our websites to show the variations available.  You may request that we not use your designs for this purpose.)


See more information on our private label program and capabilities at

Discounts 60+ bottles 10% off
  96+ bottles 15% off
  144+ bottles 20% off
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Price: $2.79
A traditional Cayenne based hot sauce
Price: $3.49
A hot- but not too damn hot- crushed pepper sauce made from fresh, ripe red habaneros.
Price: $3.49
All of the flavor of Original Habanero, but with more kick from the Naga Jolokia pepper. A flavor- and heat- sensation!
Price: $3.49
Great for the garlic lover! A crushed pepper sauce with enough garlic to keep you safe from vampires!
Price: $3.49
The heat of our Habanero XXX combined with the garlic punch of our Habanero Garlic. The ultimate garlic lovin' chiliheads' dream!
Price: $3.49
A true Caribbean delicacy. This sauce combines the great flavor and slight sweetness of fresh, ripe Mangos with fresh Habanero peppers.
Price: $3.49
The ultimate in 'green sauce', this sauce combines Jalapeño peppers with onion, lemon juice, passion fruit juice, and a hint of garlic, resulting in a flavorful sauce that adds to any food.
(1 review)
Price: $3.49
A blend of Red Savina and Naga Jolokia peppers with onion, lemon juice, passion fruit juice and garlic pulp to form a powerful sauce, both in flavor and heat!
Price: $3.49
This thick, crushed pepper sauce is just what you are looking for to add smokiness, flavor, and heat to virtually any food.
(1 review)
Price: $4.95
We found very few words to describe this sauce other than Wow! The blend of roasted peppers in the sauce are truly one of a kind.
Price: $4.95
Not for the weak-tongued, this sauce is extremely hot. With no extract added, this is likely the most flavorful extreme sauce on the planet!
Price: $4.95
A superior wing sauce with outstanding flavor and just the right amount of Habanero kick to be enjoyed by not overwhelming.
Price: $4.95
The same outstanding flavor as our Hot Wing Sauce, but with enough Habanero to dread tomorrow!
Price: $4.95
Take wings to a whole new level with Habanero Mango wing sauce. A traditional wing sauce with Mango!
Price: $4.95
A thick, bold BBQ sauce with just enough espresso to add to the depth of flavor.
Price: $4.95
A thick, bold BBQ sauce with just enough espresso to add to the depth of flavor, and a hint of habanero to make things interesting.
Price: $5.95
A thick, traditional smokehouse BBQ sauce. Excellent for dipping and with brisket and pulled pork!
Price: $6.49
Great flavor with tremendous heat in a chunky style, all natural salsa.
Price: $6.49
A tamer version of our Ghost Pepper XXX salsa, with the addition of minced fresh pineapple.
Price: $4.95
A rich and tangy Ketchup with a bold flavor, but kicked up a notch with Habanero peppers!
Price: $5.49
A rich and tangy Ketchup with a bold flavor, but kicked up a with Naga Jolokia peppers!
Price: $4.95
A dog will just never be the same. Hot Sauct Depot brings you a traditional, Caribbean spicy mustard that adds more than a little zing to your favorite back yard foods.
Price: $6.99
A true Caribbean treat, with the fruit flavor of Mango, complexity of adding Ginger, and finally a light kick from the Habanero.